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How to clear the browser cookies for Bluechip Backlinks

After an update to the billing system some of our customers have encountered and issue with old and invalid cookies. 


If you try to log in and you are redirected to the homepage(no error message), this is most probably a cookie issue. 


Here is how to clear your cookies for your browser so you can resolve this.


For Chrome:

You need to click on the green padlock next to the domain name in the address bar. Then you click on the link under Cookies.

Next you need to select the domain and click on Remove. Now your cookies for this site should be cleared. 

For Firefox:


The steps are similar for Firefox. You click on the (i) icon next to the domain. Then click on the arrow to expand.  


The next step is to click on More information. A window will appear with the settings for the website. You need to click on View Cookies. There would be a new pop-up with the cookies. You need to click on the Remove All button. 


 Now your cookies for this site should be cleared from Firefox. 

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