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Amazon S3 Hosting

Amazon S3 Hosting Now On Cloudboss. now supports hosting (HTML sites, more on that shortly) on Amazon S3.

If you’re not aware, S3 has available datacenters (13 in total) in:

  • Oregon, USA

  • California, USA

  • Dublin, Ireland

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Seoul, South Korea

  • Singapore

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Mumbai, India

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • US East (Ohio)

  • London, UK

  • Canada


Why is that significant when Cloudboss ALREADY offers Amazon EC2 hosting?

Well, S3 is ridiculously cheap compared to EC2 (think maybe 5-20 cents per month per site, more on that soon from our testing here) with your own unique site 'bucket' and dynamic IP (NOT shared with other SEOs), Amazon's IP diversity and 13 datacenter options worldwide. usually takes much less than 60 seconds to create a new, unique S3 ‘bucket’ (think Folder) in any of the 13 supported S3 datacenters for you.

You can then use the new custom “Amazon S3” file manager under the “File Manager/FTP” toolset inside Cloudboss to automatically upload your zipped up HTML files to each new S3 bucket.

Inside Cloudboss, you will now see that Amazon S3 is a Cloudboss hosting option in “Add New VPS/Site” area of Cloudboss – IF you have an Amazon AWS account already integrated into Cloudboss.

This type of HTML site hosting is very effective for Bluechip Backlinks-sourced sites through the “Site Rebuilder” there (obviously you need to add your links first BEFORE hosting them).


There are some downsides to Amazon S3 super-cheap hosting:

1. You cannot directly host WordPress sites on S3 BUT we now have a built in WP>HTML converter – check the “WP>HTML” link under the new “S3 Hosting” dropdown menu on the left navigation bar.

Remember though that for valued Money Sites, you should always be burying your heavy-lifting PBN links in a ‘forest’ of legitimate-looking links like press releases (like real companies) – at the very least, that gives your backlinks a lot more IP and geo variation let alone Anchor and inner page link variation.



In terms of nameserver changes, with Amazon S3 a CNAME record needs to be added to your domain registrar for each domain you want hosted on S3 (use the “public DNS name” from the relevant “Main Dashboard” Amazon S3 table inside

And there are step-by-step picture guides for S3-hosted nameserver changes at, Namecheap and GoDaddy on the “S3 Hosting”-“Explained” page inside Cloudboss.

As always, get in touch via Live Chat (bottom right hand corner of Cloudboss screen) or our Support Desk at if you are unsure about S3 and need help.

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