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Let’s run through some of the various options available to you to find great expired domains in your niche using Bluechip Backlinks.

Firstly though, note that successfully using Bluechip Backlinks DOES require some PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE (like anything).


Expecting every scan to be a 'home run' is not realistic, not with ANY software platform doing this kind of industrial-scale work.

Proper due diligence on any domain that you are considering buying is obviously also ESSENTIAL.

And, while the Bluechip Backlinks software is working on a massive scale, it can't foresee scans that won't yield big (or any) results or fail for various other reasons (like bot blocking measures or interstitial ads on sites like

Best Option 1: Related, Broader Search Terms In “SERP Sweeper”

OK, so you ran some Bluechip scans for the term, ‘saltwater pool cleaners North Chicago’ and came up empty or the only available domains sucked.

Time to give up?

Hell, no.

Because the way to get the best out of Bluechip Backlinks is by BOTH:

[a] Digging through closely related terms WITHIN your specific sub-niche – the tools for that inside Bluechip Backlinks are described below, and,

[b] Scanning BROADER, relevant and RELATED terms in your niche with SERP Sweeper for BOTH current AND past historical SERP results in Google - on the 20,000 page scan setting only.

By the way, Bluechip Backlinks pulls its Google search results from SEMRush and typically SEMRush does NOT cover specific local terms e.g.

But there is a perfectly good workaround for that scenario described on the SERP Sweeper page:

Besides that, let’s look through 5 specific examples and possible broader terms to run through SERP Sweeper:

Let’s say my niche is ‘granite kitchen countertops’


That’s super narrow but if we think/research a little and go ‘up’ a few levels to broader – but related – topics, we can potentially reach a much larger catchment area of expired domains to get.

Broader, related topics could include AT LEAST:

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Home renovation
  • DIY
  • Interior design
  • Home/property/renovation ‘gurus’ by name, TV shows/famous book/niche magazine titles like “Better Homes & Gardens”, “HGTV” etc.

AND we should check BOTH current AND past ranking sites for those terms (Bluechip can go back to January 2012 with SEMRush’s data):


How about another sub-niche that we broaden out to find more potential expired domains:

Niche: ‘Dating for over 50s’/strong>.<

Broader, related topics could at least include:

  • Dating tips
  • Singles sites
  • Menopause
  • Retirement
  • Relationship advice
  • Marriage counselling
  • Relationship
  • Relationship/dating ‘gurus’ by name, TV shows/famous book/niche magazine titles like “Oprah”, “Men Are From Mars etc”, Neil Strauss, David DeAngelo

Getting the idea?

Let’s look at a few more quickly.

The point is that pretty much every sub-niche in the world has broader, related topics into which it fits and from which linking domains would look normal.

Niche: ‘Yoga Teacher Training’

Broader, related topics:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Teacher Training/Education
  • Online Education
  • Self-help
  • New Age
  • Fitness
  • Exercise
  • Famous relevant gurus, TV shows, book titles, magazine titles, brands

Next Niche: ‘Buying gold for investment’

Broader, related topics:

  • Investment
  • Retirement
  • Financial Planning
  • Stockmarket/Shares
  • Superannuation/401k
  • Survival Preparation
  • Gold Mining
  • Precious Minerals

Like the above examples, links from domains in these related areas make sense for anyone reviewing your links.

And finally, a very local-specific term like ‘dry cleaner Orlando’

Broader, related topics could include:

  • Orlando (most local Orlando businesses or associations could believably link to a local dry cleaning website)
  • Florida
  • Textiles
  • Stain Removal
  • Grooming
  • Detergents
  • Cleaning/cleaners

None of the above lists of broader topics are even that exhaustive but illustrate how digging into a niche can reveal a TON of other areas to explore with Bluechip Backlinks.

In the case of closely related terms WITHIN our specific sub-niche that we may not have considered, there are TWO great tools inside Bluechip, both of which would require a hefty monthly subscription if subscribed to normally:

TOOLSET 1: “SEMRush Ideas”

Inside Bluechip Backlinks, you can enter the URL of your top ranking competitors (and your own site/s) to see what related terms those websites are ALREADY ranking for e.g.

The #1 site for the term ‘pool cleaning’ on Google USA is

and when we put that URL into the ‘SEMRush Ideas’ toolset inside Bluechip (see the training video on that “SEMRush Ideas” page), we get HUNDREDS of related terms, though usually not the broader terms:



And that’s where the Google Keyword Planner is also somewhat useful as it does include some broader terms by default when a URL is entered (or any search term):



TOOLSET 2: “ Pro”

We also have the paid Pro version of inside Bluechip Backlinks (outside Bluechip, this costs $88 a month) which collates all of the ‘Google Suggest/Instant’ results plus those from YouTube and Bing though these are NOT broad but can still give you a ton of useful additional keywords to check in SERP Sweeper:



So to recap on our domain hunting tactics so far, we can:

  1. Use SERP Sweeper to scan through sites ranking for OTHER related terms specifically WITHIN our sub-niche – either by current or past rankings; and/or,
  2. Use SERP Sweeper to scan through sites ranking for related topics that are broader than our specific niche e.g. instead of just looking for domains in the ‘granite kitchen countertop’ niche, check ‘home renovation’, ‘DIY’, ‘interior design’ etc, as discussed above.

Obviously we can check these more general topic terms either by current or past rankings – either with SEMRush results inside SERP Sweeper or the Time Travel technique on Google, both discussed above.

So let’s look at another technique and one of our favorites here, namely:

In addition to scanning sites ranking in our sub-niche for links FROM them to dead sites/domains that we can buy, we scan through the highest Trustflow sites linking TO our SERP competitors, checking on any domain buying opportunities there.

Let’s look at a practical example of this tactic in action and this DOES require an account with Majestic and/or Ahrefs and/or Moz.

For this demo, let’s go back to the ‘buy gold’ niche discussed above.

If we enter the term ‘buy gold’ into Google USA, the result looks something like this:



And if we put the #1 ranking site into Majestic, we get a snapshot like this (don’t forget to check all domain variations like www and non-www in BOTH Fresh and Historic Indexes in Majestic for the strongest results):


You can repeat similar steps in Ahrefs and/or Moz’s Open Site Explorer to sift through sites linking to these ranking superstars.

From that “Summary” page on Majestic, we then click on “Backlinks” and the “All” switch and then “Export Data” (we leave Deleted backlinks showing as it can reveal more link opportunities):




And with our exported Excel spreadsheet from Majestic, we need to:

1. Enable Editing

2. Go to ‘Sort & Filter’-‘Custom Source’

3. From Dropdown, choose ‘Source Trustflow’

4. In same dialog box, choose ‘Largest to Smallest’



We can now see that there are not that many sites with some TrustFlow that we want to scan with Bluechip Backlinks for domain opportunities, after different inner pages are removed from the list (you may want to leave them in on MASSIVE sites though for deeper Bluechip scanning):



and depending on your niche e.g. low-competition local term like ‘west Aspley diesel generator mechanic’, even sites with a TF of 5 or higher could be worth scanning with Bluechip.

So from the above list, we remove the site duplicates and get back to a list something like:

  • TotalSurvivalistLibertarianRantfest (Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest)

which we THEN paste into the “Start New Scan” page in Bluechip, using the 20,000 pages setting, also giving this Bluechip job a unique label and name for easier organization:



AND we can ALSO run this same process on the OTHER high-ranking sites in our niche, not only the #1 site, AND for specifically AND broadly related terms for our niche.

Can you see how many domain excavating opportunities this now opens up?

PLUS, don’t forget that we update our 10,000 TrustFlow 10+ expired domain list every week AND we provide similar lists of varying sizes for spreadsheets detailing Wikipedia-linked domains available for sale (somewhere around 3,000+ usually, it depends) AND also CNN-linked domains (roughly 1,000+) available for just the price of domain registration every week:



As always, if you get really stuck, contact the Bluechip support team via the Live Chat box in the bottom left corner of your screen now OR through

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