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Do I need accounts at all of the Cloud platforms supported by Cloudboss?

NO, but we wanted to offer as much SEO site hosting diversity as possible.


And their prices vary ENORMOUSLY, from a minimum of $2.32 a month per mini-VPS at Joyent to over $28 a month per mini-VPS at IBM Softlayer – remember though that you CAN install MANY sites in each VPS if if if you are linking out to different sites in different niches or for different clients.


Plus, Amazon has a completely FREE tier of AWS service for 1 ‘instance’ (a mini-VPS) for 1 year and we HIGHLY recommend using that option – more details below and on the “Cloud Charges” page inside Cloudboss here


And, depending on the number of SEO/PBN sites you want to host, even just having accounts at Amazon EC2 (9 datacenters worldwide), Microsoft Azure (11 datacenters worldwide) and/or Joyent (6 datacenters worldwide) may be all that you need for your SEO hosting needs.


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