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How does Cloudboss work?

We have done all of the pretty difficult programming ‘under the hood’ of to make it extremely SIMPLE to set up – in bulk - and automate website hosting on these various Cloud services platforms:

In most cases, it only takes a few mouse clicks and a very small amount of information, then does the rest for you on autopilot.

However, to operate Cloudboss, you DO need to create your OWN accounts at the Cloud services sites you want to use.

You do NOT want to be hosting on SHARED servers with OTHER SEOs!

That’s a one-off step though i.e. you only need to do it ONCE and then use that account/s for years/forever.

***You WILL be charged SEPARATELY by the Cloud platforms you choose to integrate with Cloudboss and that is an EXTRA expense on top of your normal Cloudboss monthly subscription.***

It still beats setting up 50 different accounts, one-by-one at tiny hosting companies that are probably Hostgator resellers anyway!

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