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Why do I need when I could just directly use these Cloud services companies?

These Cloud services companies have VERY complicated interfaces and processes for setting up hosting with them – they are totally NOT hosting or SEO hosting-friendly.

And bulk site installation and management is not an option with them either – they aren’t built for SEO!

Originally, these Cloud platforms were NOT designed for simple website hosting – let alone the specific needs of SEO hosting - and therefore the way that they work is very difficult and time-consuming for non-technical people to operate.

Just take a look at Amazon EC2’s guide on installing one WordPress site there where it must be done by editing code:


These Cloud services platform almost NEVER have 1-click type installation options and instead only offer processes that are extremely difficult for non-technical people to use.

The big companies that are using them for website hosting like Instagram and TMZ have serious IT departments to enable that but for everyday webmasters, they are NOT at all easy to use.

On the other hand, massively simplifies website installation on these Cloud services platforms, in many different datacenters around the world (60+ datacenters so far), with different Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal (+ HTML for resurrected sites from Bluechip Backlinks), with just a few mouse clicks.

Plus, you can simultaneously install dozens or even hundreds of new sites on autopilot with and the monitoring of indexing in Google, Moz DA, Majestic TrustFlow and Majestic CitationFlow plus IP checking (to avoid accidentally hosting on the same IPs with multiple sites) is also automated.


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