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Will Bluechip Backlinks Work On My Old Slow Computer?
Yes. Bluechip Backlinks is Web-based so all of the massive computer resources required to run this platform are provided at our end, not yours. The speed or power of your computer that you use to access Bluechip Backlinks doesn't matter at all.
Is Any PBN Building Training Provided?
Yes, full video training is provided inside Bluechip Backlinks by SEO authority Terry Kyle with step-by-step tutorials on domain registration, hosting and PBN site setup. And there is also a private Facebook Group for Bluechip Backlinks users where new tactics, features and workarounds are frequently discussed.
Why Are The Expired Domains That Bluechip Backlinks Finds So Cheap?
Unlike expired domains owned by domain dealers or companies like Godaddy that need to make a profit on each expired domain they sell, Bluechip Backlinks finds great expired domains in your niche that NOBODY currently owns. The great backlinks to the expired domain still exist but there is no website and the domain is available for anybody to buy - IF they are aware of it being available.
Is There Any Support Available With Bluechip Backlinks?
Yes, you can email support(at) and get help 7 days a week and also other Bluechip Backlinks users will also offer help in the private Facebook Group (access details inside the software).
I Still Have Questions, Where Can I Ask Them?
Please send any questions to support(at) and we will answer ASAP.
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