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How is different from normal 'SEO hosting' companies?

Normal SEO hosting companies offer hosting resources shared with other SEOs through limited number of 'C-class' IP addresses - e.g. 50, 100, 200 - and (relatively small) number of server locations - basically their own resources or those rented from other 'normal' hosting companies e.g: 


As a result it is very easy for Google 'infiltrators' to sign up to these SEO hosting companies, install sites, note their IPs and deindex many/all sites hosted on those IP addresses. 

You can read about how Google actively targets SEO hosting companies here, here and here.

And because they are widely advertised as “SEO Hosting Companies”, Google specifically targets them and routinely deindexes all or many of the sites hosted there (a deindexed site loses all SEO power in Google):


 With you however, you are hosting your SEO/PBN sites with your own accounts (NOT shared with other SEOs) on the largest Cloud services platforms in the world - NOT 'SEO hosting' company servers and IPs.


These massive Cloud services platforms, like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure, already host millions of 'normal' business websites on them and our SEO/PBN sites can exist or 'disappear' in the huge 'forest' of such legitimate, real business sites.

On Amazon, for example, big sites like Instagram, Airbnb, TMZ, PBS,, Flippa, Bleach Report, Heroku and Animoto along with millions of others are already using Amazon for site hosting - not exactly 'bad neighbourhood' for SEO sites isn't it?:


Reportedly, even companies like Netflix and many big financial institutions use a lot of Amazon resources for their 'back-end' server needs as well.

It's a similar story with Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, HP Cloud.

Clearly these are massive heavyweight operations that Google is very unlikely to target, by IP ranges anyway, which is one important way that they can 'zap' SEO hosting company located websites.

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